DotMe Premium Domain GiveAway?

DotMe marketing booth at New Media Expo, Las Vegas, 2013

DotMe, the personal domain extension, has an innovative program to assign high-value short keyword domain names based on good business ideas. That’s right, instead of selling to the highest bigger or the first to register, the domains are being assigned based on an elaborate submission process. While not exactly a giveaway, the process is designed to focus on business plans rather than high bids.

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Infographic: The Value of Domain Names

We want to share an infographic from Domain Name Sales which explains the basics around the value of domain names. It explains why not all domains are created equal and why the right domain will add value to your company. It explains what makes for a premium domain name. It explains that just like in real-estate the good locations are already own and must be purchased in the aftermarket. And finally it explains how a domain name is an investment in building your brand equity.

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Senator Barbara Boxer Responds Re: PIPA


I just received a letter from Senator Barbara Boxer in response to mine regarding S.968, the PROTECT Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). I had expressed concerns about the legislation several weeks ago.  Let’s hope there’s a compromise bill that will protect copyright without undermining the legitimate flow of information online.

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Moniker & Snapnames Sold to KeyDrive, Now What?

Now that Moniker (domain registrar) and Snapnames (domain sales) have been transferred over to the KeyDrive family, what will it mean for customers and the domain community in general?

According to an mail sent-out to customers not much will change, at least in the short term. Hopefully there will be some positive development and innovations.

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