– Sold, One Week After Listing SoldMore Single-Keyword Dot So Domains Still available!

Last week we listed a number of great single-keyword DotSo domains names for sale. was one of those listed and it sold within one week of listing. These keyword domains are outstanding bargains. See our original post from last week to learn more about these domains or simply browse the list below.

Don’t miss your chance one of our other great DotSo domain names.

Buy 2 Or More & Save

Single Keywords, Good Search & CPC stats         $1,287     1.9M searches,  $8.87 cpc         $1,087     834.5k searches,  $5.09 cpc         $987         1M searches,  $2.65

— SOLD —         $887         682k searches, $1.21cpc         $787         834.5k searches  $1.87 cpc             $887         167.4k searches, $1.22 cpc         $887         167.4k searches,  $3.31 cpc         $887         834.5k searches  $.89 cpc         $667         305k searches, $1.03 cpc         $687         61.4 search, $1.34 cpc         $547         22.4k search, $1.41cpc         $647         456.3k search, $0.61 cpc         $587         41k searches, $1.20 cpc

Ask about pricing on these rare short domains:                 50.2k searches, 3.87 cpc                 3-letter brandable, 2.4k searches, $0.84 cpc                     3-letter brandable, 61.4k search, $1.34 cpc                     3-letter brandable, 61.4k search, $0.87 cpc

The more you buy, the more you save:

Buy 2 and get 6% off
Buy 3 and get 9% off
Buy 4 and get 12% off
Buy 5 and get 15% off
Buy 6 and get 18% off
Buy 7 and get 21% off
Buy 8 and get 25% off
Buy 9 and get 30% off

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